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Summit Building Services is more than an office cleaning and janitorial company. We are public health stewards and help maintain indoor environments. Our services directly help to protect building occupants and visitors, and we make sure to stress this within our team on a daily basis.

Summit Building Services takes a triple bottom line (people, planet, and profits) approach to business. We incorporate the idea of sustainability into every business decision, and we take the idea of social responsibility very seriously.

Our mission is to embody our “Service First” directive every single day. Our team is dedicated to ensure that we give clients a great result, and we don’t let anything stop us. This dedication allows us to accomplish great feats, and perform at superior levels.

Why Choose Summit Building Services?

Better Employees

Drug tests, background checks, and employee development programs are part of our regular human resources program. Low turnover and consistent work performance from engaged and motivated employees is a service guarantee.

Efficient and well-managed operations reduce unnecessary overhead and cost. Complete buy-in and a commitment to providing the best service in the industry allows Summit Building Services to consistently wow our customers.

Our management team regularly visits with you and your site to make sure you’re getting the results you need. Our proactive account management approach has us doing inspections and catching deficiencies before you and your occupants do.

We want to be the best in a number of fields. Summit Building Services doesn’t just do office cleaning. We can help with floor care, carpet care, and even security services. Summit can simplify your life and add to pricing efficiency, saving you time and money.

Better Relationship

We love what we do. Summit Building Services values every employee relationship we have. We show that love by engaging our employees and pushing them to grow. We pay livable wages and invest in employee job satisfaction on a number of fronts – from utilizing industry leading equipment to dedicated support personnel.

Summit is a family. We’re in it together. Our focus is on serving our customers and advancing the lives of our employees, not maximizing shareholder profits. Our bottom-up approach has provided us with stability and allowed us to grow sustainably.

Putting “Service First” means working around client expectations and specifications. We work around your schedule and with your objectives in mind. We make it happen exactly the way you want!

Summit Building Services design all of are building services around applicable LEED standards. We feature industry leading sustainability initiatives as part of our regular service offering. We don’t believe in charging extra for doing things the right way.

Summit Building Services
Putting Service First

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