By: Summit Building Services On: August 14, 2016 In: Operations, Services Comments: 0

It is about that time of year again. New and returning teachers, staff, students and parents are getting ready to walk their school halls for the first day of school. Ideally, they’ll experience a sea of shining floors, sparkling windows, squeaky-clean restrooms, and fresh athletic facilities.

There are some important back-to-school cleaning processes that shouldn’t be missed, for the sake of appearance and “first impressions,” as well as for creating a healthier school environment. If the school has been sitting unused all summer, you can be sure that dust, dirt and other contaminants have made a home on every surface.

Deep cleaning can reduce allergens and bacteria, dust, dirt, mold, and pollen. It also sets the stage for regularly scheduled sanitizing to help stop the spread of the flu and other contagious conditions. Being vigilant should be a top priority, and it all starts before school starts. Here are four areas to focus on when deep cleaning your facilities.

1) Restrooms: Floor-to-ceiling attention is needed to ensure all surfaces are sanitized. Best practices include high-pressure cleaning and disinfection of walls, partitions, floors, urinals, toilets, and sinks. Start the year off right with pristine bathrooms, and it will be easier to keep up with regular maintenance throughout the year.

2) Carpets and floors: Dirt, mold, and pollutants love to hide in carpets. K-5 schools especially need to keep them clean for crawling, sprawling, sitting kids. Not only are dirty carpets unsightly, but they can negatively affect indoor air quality. Back-to-school cleaning should include carpet extraction and sanitization. This is also the time to strip and wax hallways and classroom floors. Shiny floors make a great impression, and well-maintained floors last longer.

3) Windows and lights: Good lighting contributes to good learning. Windows should be washed inside and out to bring in the most natural daylight. Light fixtures need detail cleaning.

4) Gyms, weight rooms, locker rooms: These can be breeding grounds for TB, staph, and other infectious organisms. Start now with a deep cleaning and sanitization of all surfaces and equipment, and then keep ahead of problems with routine cleaning.

A correctly-maintained school not only minimizes the spread of illness, but also sends a caring message to the students, teachers and parents. From the moment people enter the doors for the first time this fall, you’ll want your school to look and perform its best. Call Summit Building Services for the best in deep cleaning services at 330.802.5008 or find us online at