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Banks and other financial institutions are held to exceptionally high standards in every regard of operations. Keep your customer's trust with a clean and well-maintained facility. Summit knows what it takes to keep a facility looking great. We create our cleaning programs with your cleaning and safety standards in mind. Clean carpet, shining floors, streak-free windows, and fresh Indoor Air are staples of services you can expect from Summit Building Services.


Quality Cleaning From a Trusted, Local Team

We want to help keep your building clean and healthy for your patrons and employees.


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Our Team in Your Building


We know that clean and secure facilities are essential in your industry. Our team works with clients to ensure that all cleaners, managers, and visitors are properly vetted and identified before entering your building. Each of our cleaners must pass a background check as well as a reference check. We know a bit about working within tight security as well. By request, we work with our customers to identify each associate who may enter your facility. We keep this list updated as changes occur so that you are always kept up to date and are never at risk of being compromised. Our goal, as always, is to deliver cleaning services with as little hassle as possible. 




Our goal is to put great cleaners in your building and provide proper training and support to help them thrive and deliver high-quality service. We offer above industry average wages to our employees. We believe that hard work should be rewarded with fair pay. Additionally, we're pioneering new incentive programs to reward workers who uphold our service standards and meet attendance requirements. Keeping satisfied employees helps us reduce turnover in buildings and deliver consistent results for our customers. 

At Summit Building Services, we believe our management team gives us a leg up on our competition. Each managers trains and supports our cleaners as well as works as in-person liaisons for your building. Our managers perform monthly reviews with all of our cleaners, helping us monitor our employees and see how well cleaning is being done in your building.

We also take steps to ensure quality services are being provided to your facility. Our quality control system works to prevent deficiencies in your facility before you even notice them. Our quality control team uses a data tracking system to review and record cleaning quality in your building and spot gaps in service that need addressing. The system we have in place helps optimize our internal communication and better serve our customers. 

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions


Each building has its own unique traffic flows and pain points. Our bank cleaning services are targeted at cleaning high-traffic touchpoints, glass cleaning, carpet cleaning, and keeping customer-facing structures pristine every day. 

  • Disinfection Services: Eliminate germs and prevent potential illness by keeping high-touch surfaces cleaned and disinfected.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Extend your carpet life cycle and improve indoor air quality with frequent vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning.
  • Hard Surface Floor Care: We'll keep your floors shining with our professional floor maintenance programs.
  • Window Cleaning: Keep your interior and exterior windows shining and streak-free.
  • Office Cleaning: Daily cleaning tasks to keep your business running smoothly.

Our comprehensive cleaning programs keep your building looking great and running smoothly. Choose the local team that puts you first in every step of the cleaning process.

You Need a Clean Facility, we can get you there!

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