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3 Benefits of Hiring Local Janitorial Services

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It can be difficult to choose between the mob of cleaning companies vying to work in your building. They may all seem the same, offering the same services at similar price points. The larger regional and national chains may be able to compete on price and offer you the best deal, but are they really offering the best service?


Three Benefits of Working With Local Service Providers


1. A More Personal Approach


You expect high-quality service when you contract a new company to clean your facility. As a local business, we fight harder for every contract we win, and we go the extra mile to keep our current customers happy. By carefully selecting the products we use, the employees we hire, and performing quality checks on service being done in your building, we do everything we can to assure your building is receiving the best clean every night. 


We have systems in place for when things go wrong. We're ready at a moment's notice to make things right with you. As a local business, our senior management keeps their ears to the ground to ensure our team is doing their best work and keeping our clients happy.



2. Simple and Effective Communication


Being able to reach key decision players from your service provider makes a world of a difference. Local businesses allow you to avoid the tedious slew of middle management found within major corporations. With a single call, you could be on the phone with our president who will effectively mobilize our team to remediate any gaps in our service.  


As well as strong external communications with our customers, our team works every day to improve our internal communication. Our streamlined chain of command allows us to connect quicker, meaning less downtime between deficiency and remediation for you.



3. Prompt Deficiency Remediation


We would be lying if we promised you'd never experience deficiencies in your building, we do however promise to make things right when remediation is necessary. Upon notice of deficiencies in a building, our team moves quickly and effectively to assess the issue. Our team of area managers is expert cleaners and adept at handling new situations as they arise. 


We also rely on our quality assurance manager who performs monthly inspections in every building we serve. Paired with our quality assurance reporting system, our team can address problem areas in your facility and preemptively avoid issues in your building. This saves you time and hassle, leaving you more time to deal with more pressing concerns.



Summit Is Your Trusted Local Service Provider


We take pride in being the local team that is always there for our customers. Based out of Stow, Ohio, and servicing all of Northeast Ohio, we're a team with local roots. We take pride in providing key services for businesses in our communities and make it our priority for our clients to know that we’re easy to reach and always ready to help. From sales to quality assurance, our owners and senior leadership make direct contact with each of our clients to ensure quality service is being provided every step of the way. 


As a local cleaning company, we have our work cut out for us if we want to get ahead of the pack. We compete with large cleaning chains as well as other local cleaning companies with every contract. Through this struggle, we've learned that building and developing strong relationships with our customers helps us deliver better cleaning services for current and future clients.