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3 Things We’ve Learned From 2020

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2020 was a memorable year for all the wrong reasons. This past year threw adversity, change, and wreaked havoc on nearly all our plans. Through it all, our organization has continued to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing service landscape.

Expanding and improving our disinfection services has helped us deliver game-changing cleaning for our clients. Embracing safety protocols approved by health experts and state officials has led us to safer and socially distanced customer service.

Hard times often teach us valuable lessons. We have found that it's critical to use the knowledge and experiences those lessons provide to improve. While there is cause for optimism heading into the new year, we understand that we need to embrace what we've learned from 2020 to meet the challenges of the new year. 


Disinfection Makes a Difference Improving Workplace Health and Safety

Demand for disinfection services became widespread last year. Businesses did everything they could to keep employees and customers safe in their buildings. While Covid-19 is much more easily transmitted than common seasonal viruses and colds, the sentiment for clean workplaces, stores, and factories could remain. 

Viral infections are nothing new. Every year businesses deal with cold and flu spells breaking out among their staff. During the pandemic, we've provided scheduled disinfection services as well as reactive pandemic cleanup.  


Cleaning is Wasted in the Absence of Safety Protocols

Cleaning and disinfection eliminate germs and viral pathogens living on surfaces within your building. While disinfection services greatly reduce the risk of indirect spread of a virus within the workplace, it can't be a standalone effort. Without safety protocols, direct transmission of viruses like Covid-19 and the flu will spread largely unchecked. Masking, social distancing, employee testing, and routine disinfection are the best measures to improve health in a facility and minimize exposure. 


Cleaning Is What We Do, Health and Safety is Why We Do It

We’ve always advocated that we’re more than just a cleaning company. 2020 has cemented us as stewards of public and private safety. Throughout the year, we’ve stayed on top of trends in disinfection practices, remained vigilant on safety practices, and done our best to inform our employees, clients, and prospective customers about the new information we were learning. 

While 2020 certainly changed the way we approached cleaning, the end goal of our services remains unchanged. We strive to deliver clean buildings, improve health and safety within those buildings, and keep our clients happy.


Looking Forward With Summit Building Services

As we move into the new year we look to continue improving our services to better meet the needs of our customers. We’re ready with the knowledge and equipment to keep your building safe and running smoothly. Creating custom cleaning plans designed to improve building cleanliness, health and safety is just a part of how Summit puts Service First for our customers.