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Every Building Can Benefit from Commercial Deep Cleaning

Every Building Can Benefit from Commercial Deep Cleaning

Do your regular cleaning services never seem to leave your facility looking as good as you'd hoped? The issue may not be with the services you're receiving but with the overall state of your facility. When it comes to scuffed floors and stained carpets, there's very little that daily cleaning can do to improve these. What you really need is to look into commercial deep cleaning. 

Commercial deep cleaning is the next step past regular janitorial services. While sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all work great for daily cleaning and help maintain your floors and carpets, they can't, on their own, restore vitality to them. To give your facility the makeover it desperately needs, it's time to look into commercial deep cleaning. 


5 Benefits of Commercial Deep Cleaning


1) Shining, Renewed Hard Surface Floors

Floor refinishing refreshes your hard surface floor, renewing the top layers of wax, and giving your floor a like-new look. Stripping and waxing, top scrub and recoat, burnishing, and buffing help to renew your floors and give them a glossy finish. 

2) Longer Carpet Lifecycle

Food and drink spills, salt, mud, and anything else that can get tracked into your building via your employee's shoes will take their toll over time. Regularly scheduled carpet maintenance help to extend the lifecycle and vibrancy of your carpeting.

3) Clear Windows

Dirt, bugs, pollen and other debris stick to your window, and when mixed with rain created a dirty appearance to the exterior of your windows. Meanwhile dust and dirt settle on your interior windows. Regularly scheduled interior and exterior win cleaning keeps your windows clean, clear, and looking great. 

4) Refreshed Restrooms

There's nothing worse than a restroom that never seems to smell clean, even after cleaning it. Deep restroom cleaning gets down to the source of foul odors, washing away impurities that produce those pungent odors.

5) High dusting removes dust and cobwebs

If your facility has extra high ceilings, there's a chance the upper reaches of your ceiling, lighting, and vents have never been dusted. This allows a resting place for spiders and other bugs to hide and spread out from. High dusting knocks down those hard to reach cobwebs and cleans up dust that lingered on for too long. 


Commercial Deep Cleaning Creates Cleaner Facilities

Deep cleaning goes past the normal cleaning found in a typical scope of work for janitorial services. This allows cleaners do dig in and provide a much more impactful clean that won't go unnoticed. 

Summit Building Services is ready to help you get the most out of your facility. We offer all of these commercial cleaning services and more in-house with our own special project team. We also offer daily janitorial services for facilities in every industry. To learn more about Summit, schedule a building walkthrough and see how we can help you get the most out of your facility. 

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