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Car Dealership Cleaning Services

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Car Dealership Cleaning Services



Getting customers in the right mood is a huge challenge. We now have more and more car sales are taking place online among a sea of varying brands and dealerships to buy them at. Each individual car dealership has a steep hill to climb to get each customer to come through their doors and make a purchase. 


While ideas about the aesthetic of floor layouts and customer service are the frontline means to engage with potential buyers, a fresh and clean building cannot be overlooked. Commercial cleaning for car dealerships is an essential part of your day-to-day operations and could be having a greater impact, for better or worse, than you think. 



What Cleaning Means to Auto Dealers

Presenting a clean, and inviting storefront is a critical first step for dealerships to close deals. Commercial cleaners handle a wide variety of daily cleaning tasks your building needs to function its best every day. Cleaning services from trash removal to restroom cleaning help keep your building customer-ready, so all you have to worry about is making sales. 


We know that customer service and experience are a big part of the buying experience that you craft for your customers. Making sure your building is ready to appeal to customers is an important aspect of the customer experience. While cleaning isn’t likely your top priority or even close to the front of your mind, the state of your building relies heavily on the performance of your cleaners. It’s often the case that when cleaning is good, you pay very little attention to the fact that cleaning is done at all. However, when cleaning is bad it's an entirely different story. 



What Good Cleaning Looks Like for Car Dealers


“Good Cleaning” is a bit of a misleading phrase, considering everyone has a different definition of what good cleaning actually means. For the sake of argument and outlining what car dealerships need from commercial cleaning companies, this list of key performance indicators or KPIs outlines what you should expect from your cleaning company.


    1. All Trash is taken out: This is number one on the list, and for good reason. Taking out trash on a daily basis removes the potential for unwanted odors in your offices and on your showroom floor. The last thing you want your customers to experience in their car buying process is a 3-day old banana rotting in your salesperson’s personal trash can. Aside from preventing pervasive odors, overflowing trash cans in restrooms and around your building looks unprofessional and disorganized. Clean, odor-neutral trash cans are the first KPI for successful cleaning.
    2. Common Areas are Clean: Oftentimes, car dealerships will have waiting areas, small cafeterias where customers can wait and have a coffee or snack. Introducing food and beverages into any environment leads to the inevitability of spills, crumbs, and other messes. Cleaners will check to make sure there are no crumbs on, or around chairs in your waiting areas as well as wipe down any tables or kitchenette counters that may have coffee stains. Keeping these areas clean and comfortable for your customers is essential, and the second KPI for successful cleaning.
    3. Restrooms are Cleaned and Well-Stocked: We’ve all experienced a restroom that made us rethink our opinion about a certain store or venue. Keeping restrooms as clean as possible prevents foul odors from lingering in and around your restrooms. The second part of restroom cleaning is keeping consumable products like soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and toilet paper fully stocked and available. Keeping your restrooms clean and “inviting” improve your customer experience and prevent any harm to your reputation.
    4. Floors are Clean: Floors are the trickiest part of a car dealership to keep clean. Each building uses different types of flooring tiles and cars being driven on the showroom floor leave marks and streaks that can be difficult to remove. Whether your floor is being scrubbed or just plain old swept and mopped your cleaning company should be able to remove dust, dirt, and large debris from the floor. Cleaning should also remove stains from spilled food/drinks as well as tire marks from cars being moved around. Keeping your floors clean improves the visual aesthetics of your showroom floor.
    5. Streak-Free Windows: Windows affect the curb appeal and natural lighting of your building. Clean windows give a good look into your building and the carefully laid out showroom floor. While window cleaning isn’t necessarily a daily cleaning task, keeping up with monthly-quarterly window cleaning to keep your building looking great.
    6. Vacuumed Floor Runners: Last but not least, floor runners at the foot of each entrance to your building should be thoroughly vacuumed each day of service. Typical black fabric floor runners are obvious when they either haven’t been vacuumed or were done poorly. It will be easy to notice dirt, salt, and other debris that gets left behind on the runner. 



Summit Building Services Know Dealership Cleaning is Important


Creating an inviting environment for your customers to enjoy their car buying experience boosts customer experience, sales, and retention. Our goal is to help you create a pleasant, enjoyable experience that convinces your customers to come back every time they need a new car.


Commercial cleaning services will help you get the most out of the design and layout of your building and minimize any detractors from your desired customer experience. At Summit Building Services, we know the importance of customer experience and making each customer feel valued. We create services plans individually for each of our customers and work with them to nail down specific wants and needs. Are you ready to see your free quote? You can schedule a building walkthrough to get your free janitorial services quote.