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Cost Savings With Summit Building Services

Cost Savings With Summit Building Services


We all have at one point sacrificed quality on a product or service for a lower price only to be saddled with subpar service or an unusable product. At Summit Building Services, we believe quality service doesn't have to break the bank for our clients.


To meet our goal of providing quality, affordable service, we've organized our people, processes, and controls to reduce inefficiencies and deliver the exact service you need. Our starting point with any new client is targeting cost savings opportunities for them WHILE also improving their level of service. 

Operational Cost-Saving Strategies

  1. Customized, Comprehensive Cleaning ProgramsWe focus on what your facility needs and cut out excess services to keep prices down.
  2. Digital Quality Control Inspections- We utilize a digital scoring system to perform in-depth evaluations which are quickly shared with 
  3. Employee Training and Development- We provide online instructional training and personal onsite training to produce more knowledgeable workers and lower turnover rates.
  4. Machine CleaningEfficient cleaning technology allows us to improve cleaning and reduce service time.
  5. Equipment Maintenance- Our skilled maintenance team helps us keep our equipment up and running and reduces replacements costs.


Consistent Cleaning Creates Cost Savings

Maintaining assets in your facility is much easier and less expensive than replacement. Carpet care and maintenance is a great example of values implicit in cleaning. Daily vacuuming, stain removal, and routine deep cleaning keep carpeting durable and functional for up to 15 years. This not only keeps your office cleaner, looking, and smelling better, but it also delays the much larger expense of replacing your carpeting. 

Chemical dispensers optimize chemical usage, ensure correct dilution ratios, and reduce supply delivery frequency to your facility. Reusable cleaning products: rags, mops, dust mops are all washed and reused until they are no longer in good condition. We have consumable products shipped straight to your facility to streamline our process and make sure you always have what you need. 


Cleaning That Counts

When you choose cleaning services from Summit Building Services, you're choosing a team that carefully considers the needs of your facility, employees, and your budget. We're a trusted local janitorial for over 100 buildings throughout Northeast Ohio. We design unique, personalized cleaning programs to meet the needs of each facility we service. Schedule a building walk-through for a free quote or give us a call at (330)-289-6953.

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