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Northeast Ohio's One-Stop Shop for Commercial Cleaning

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Having a reliable janitorial service is vital to keeping your facility safe and clean for your team. Daily janitorial work is essential, but does your cleaning company offer the extra services that put your facility over the top? Project work is the extra cleaning options that go beyond the typical scope of work laid out in a janitorial services plan. These services include floor refinishing, carpet, restroom, and window cleaning.

If your cleaning company doesn't offer these additional services, you are either missing out on great services that make huge differences for your building, or you're having to deal with additional vendors. Get the services you need and make life easier for yourself by contracting with Summit Building Services. We are a full-service commercial cleaning company that is ready to be your one-stop shop for your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs. 


Project Work Services We Offer


Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing focuses on removing, replacing, and polishing the layers of floor wax that protect floors. We specialize in the several methods of floor refinishing listed below. For in-depth descriptions of these services, you can read our post Commercial Floor Care Checklist.

  • Strip and wax
  • Top scrub and recoat
  • Buffing and burnishing


Carpet Cleaning

We offer several types of carpet cleaning services that go further and clean deeper than daily vacuuming. We've expanded on the following carpet cleaning methods on another page about commercial carpet cleaning.

  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Low Moisture extraction
  • Steam Cleaning


Restroom Cleaning

Our project team utilizes an all-in-one restroom cleaning unit that sanitizes, washes, and vacuums. This piece of equipment helps us deep clean portions of restrooms that often get overlooked by daily cleaning. Pressure washing helps by removing hard grime and buildup. To learn more about how we deep clean restrooms you can check out our restroom cleaning page.


Window Cleaning

Our project team is capable of cleaning indoor and outdoor windows, weather permitting. Our team is capable of cleaning windows up to 50ft high, both indoors and outside by using an extendable water-fed pole. This equipment helps us quickly and easily clean very high windows without the use of a lift. To learn more about our window cleaning process check out our window cleaning page.


Summit is ready to help!

Summit Building Services is ready to be the one-stop shop for all of your commercial cleaning and janitorial services needs. We know how difficult it can be to manage different contractors for each project, and that's why with us, you'll have one person who's your dedicated point of contact that is there to ensure your project goes by smoothly. If you're looking to get a quote for any of the services listed above you can schedule a walkthrough for us to come to an put together a quote.