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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Sustainable Cleaning From Summit Building Services

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Green is great! With more and more conclusive evidence pointing towards climate change and the irreversible damage being done to our planet, we need to do better by ourselves and our environment. Sustainability practices have been growing in popularity and effectiveness, and our cleaning services are no exception. At Summit Building Services, we believe that great service should be safe and healthy for our clients, their employees, their buildings, and for Earth as well.

What Are We Doing?

We have designed our cleaning services around LEED Green cleaning standards that promote sustainable cleaning practices. These standards help us implement products and equipment that meet sustainability criteria, but they also help us improve hygiene, air quality, and health in buildings we service.

We use Green chemical cleaning products that are free of Phosphate and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Eliminating these compounds from our cleaning services reduces our footprint as those elements in other cleaning supplies are linked to the formation of Ozone in the atmosphere and water pollution. VOC’s mix with greenhouse gasses in Earth’s atmosphere to create smog. Phosphate detergents and chemicals have been proven to cause an overgrowth of algae in large bodies of water. This overgrowth depletes the water of oxygen, leading to large losses of wildlife.

We promote and do everything we can to improve re-usability for our products and waste management. We practice re-usability by safely reusing as many cleaning containers as possible. We also wash and reuse all of our cloth cleaning products and we have gone almost completely paperless with our operations.


Health Benefits of Green Cleaning

While the benefits to the environment are enough to justify these organizational changes, there are also a few added benefits to the health and safety of our customers and their buildings. The chemical we use, in addition to excluding VOC’s and Phospate, are also non-toxic. We use non-toxic, biodegradable, and mostly odorless cleaning chemicals that help maximize our cleaning efforts and avoid leaving harmful residue or strong odors. Removing harsh chemicals like bleach and other acidic and aggressive cleaners helps us improve Indoor air quality in our customer’s buildings and guarantee consistent results.


Why Do We Believe in Green Cleaning

Our company mission is to put Service First. Now that generally applies to how we interact with customers and how we put their needs first and foremost all the time. Our goal is to offer the most Human, Helpful, and Holistic cleaning services in the industry. We think that we’d be selling ourselves short of our goal of delivering the best service if we were to disregard environmental sustainability to save a bit of money. We also believe in doing everything within our ability to leave our environment cleaner than we found it.


We use Spartan products for our cleaning services. You can see there products at the link below.