Summit Building Services is WBE Certified

What Diverse Leadership Means to Us


Diversity is at the heart of all the success at Summit Building Services. We're not a cleaning company, we're a people company! We realize that having a diverse team makes us a stronger organization, and we're thrilled about our abilities to positively influence diverse communities throughout Northeast Ohio. 

We believe that we need to embody the change we wish to see in the world. This starts with our interactions with customers, but also extends to how we interact with all stakeholders - clients, vendors, employees, and the communities we serve. Our goal is to make sure we promote character, competence, and caring every single day. 

We're also proud of environmental efforts throughout our business practices. We design our cleaning programs around LEED cleaning standards. This means incorporating environmentally conscious products and processes into our cleaning programs

Collaboration amidst diverse sets of viewpoints allows us to keep innovating, growing, and developing as an organization. As a WBE Certified Company, we have a deep commitment to building future leaders from all underrepresented sections of the population.

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