Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet acts as a giant air filter for your building, and just like all filters, you need to have it cleaned regularly. Summit Building Services offers commercial carpet cleaning that is designed to meet most budgets and get you great results in your distinct facility.


The building environment matters when it comes to carpeting in your space. We design unique commercial carpet cleaning services for every individual building we service. Our focus is to deliver effective and personalized comprehensive service at an affordable price point

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Carpet Cleaning Helps Your Business Make a Strong Impression

Summit Building Services offers daily and deep carpet cleaning services for commercial buildings.

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Is Daily Carpet Maintenance Important and Is It Affordable?

Installing carpeting is an expensive undertaking making maintaining your current carpeting extra important. An effective, routine carpet maintenance program helps to Improve Indoor Air Quality in your facility, extend the life of the carpet, and help keep your space looking great. It can also help to ensure that you keep the manufacturer's warranty, as many carpet warranties mandate regular cleaning frequencies.


With proper care and routine cleaning, well-maintained carpeting should last over 15 years. Dealing with spills, stains, wetness and overly dirty carpeting in a quick and effective manner can make a noticeable difference in the life and quality of your office carpet. Neglecting positive maintenance will more than likely stick you with the hefty cost of early replacement. 

We design personalized cleaning plans built to meet the cleaning needs of your unique facility. We create these plans to cut out ineffective and unnecessary services that tend to inflate the final quoted price. There are several solutions to help with carpet maintenance at your distinct facility. We're ready to work with you to get your building the commercial carpet cleaning that your facility needs while still working within your budget.  

What Cleaning Systems Do We Use?

We specialize in several cleaning systems, each one with its distinct performance cost advantages. We believe educating our clients on our service options and working with them on implementation gets them the desired results at their building. 

Our carpet cleaning options include:


  1. Dry Carpet Cleaning: A biodegradable absorbent compound is spread over the carpet, agitated, and then vacuumed up. This compound attracts stains and dirt and is removed from the carpet by vacuuming. Great for interim care and light soiling.
  2. Low Moisture Cleaning: A low moisture system that features shampooing the carpet and then agitating and extracting the shampoo with a low-moisture, counter-rotating carpet machine.
  3. Steam Cleaning: A carpet detergent is applied to the carpet. It is then agitated, rinsed, and extracted through a heated and wanded unit. This process involves the most moisture being applied to the carpet is great as a deep clean on carpet.

Rug and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Is your office furniture starting to show its age? Summit Building Services offers specialized upholstery cleaning to help clean and renew upholstered sofas and office chairs throughout your facility. We also have a walk-off mat and rug cleaning programs, which we can implement at your facility to keep your rugs looking great during the throes of winter.


Just like our other cleaning services, our cleaning teams will work diligently around your schedule. Delivering dependable services that improve working conditions in our customer's buildings is how Summit is putting service first.

Upholstery Cleaning

Why work with SBS?

We are a trusted, locally-owned and operated partner. Summit Building Services takes pride in providing each of our customers with personalized care.


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