Construction Cleaning Services

Whether it's the renovation of your current space or a brand new facility, Summit Building Services will make sure you have a spotless building to welcome after construction wraps.


After the challenges of a construction project, we realize it's essential to have a clean space that looks amazing and allows you to jump back in the swing of things as quickly as possible. We have all of the services you'll need to get back to a clean workplace and keep it clean moving forward.

Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning for a Smooth Transition to a New Space

Summit Building Services offers Post-construction and commercial construction cleaning

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Construction Cleaning

Working  Around Your Construction Project

No matter the project, there are always resulting messes you'll need to be cleaned. Our mission when cleaning around active projects is to maintain high levels of cleanliness for your building occupants and the contractors working in your facility. We're here to help your office remain clean, safe, and efficient while you have construction crews in your workplace.


Your floors, carpets, walls, and windows all experience the effects of the dust, dirt, and debris created by your newest project. Maintaining routine floor and carpet care throughout construction is the best way to minimize the harmful effects on your facility.

Post- Construction Cleaning

Getting back to business as usual typically requires a thorough deep cleaning of the space. We'll work through any punch list that you may have, or if you like, we can make sure your building is ready for launch. 

Here are some critical areas where we can help:


    1. Floors: We remove all dust, dirt, and debris left behind. We offer additional services to reset the current coating of your flooring and give it back its shine. 
    2. Carpets: We remove all large chunks, and thoroughly vacuum the affected areas. We then treat any leftover stains and use our wand extracted steam cleaning to make your carpet look and smell great again. 
    3. Walls: We'll remove any dust, dirt, and smudges left behind. We use non-aggressive cleaning products that won't harm the finish on your walls. 
    4. Windows: We clean and clear your windows and dust blinds in the affected areas.


Does My Building Need This?

Dealing with large amounts of dust created by projects is a problem for facilities undergoing work. Dust and dirt that settles into carpets, walls, and every flat surface pose a threat to your facility's Indoor Air Quality. Decreasing indoor air quality affects the comfort and health of your building occupants and can cause respiratory issues. 


Don't allow improvements to one part of your building to be a detriment to the rest. Dust and debris need to be cleaned up and removed to prevent them from recirculating throughout the building. Typically the carpet and floors are also going to need some extra attention to get back to peak condition. To learn more about our floor care and carpet cleaning services, check out our carpet cleaning and floor care services page


Why work with SBS?

We are a trusted, locally-owned and operated partner. Summit Building Services takes pride in providing each of our customers with personalized care.


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