Office Cleaning and Janitorial

Summit Building Services is upgrading service and reducing cost for our clients.
Summit Building Services Cleaners

Our service objective is to have your facility clean, safe, and healthy on a nightly basis. Summit Building Services adapts our office cleaning and janitorial services to LEED standards and reinforces our sustainable approach through an enhanced training process. We hold ourselves to these sustainability standards at no additional cost because we feel that it is the right way to do business.

Summit Building Services is committed to giving our customers more than the appearance of a clean building. Our office cleaning and janitorial team is focused on improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of the building. According to several university studies, the cleanliness of a facility directly impacts worker productivity as well as the number sick days used.

We view ourselves as public safety and health stewards and are proud to contribute to the well-being of every individual in a facility.

Summit Building Services is uniquely able get uniformly excellent results due to a highly regulated and adapted cleaning process.

Our janitorial team undergoes a thorough HR process that helps with retention and performance, while also reducing employee problems.

  • Sustainable Services – LEED Compliant
  • Pioneering HR Programs
  • Low Employee Turnover
  • High Employee Engagement

Talk to one of our specialists today! We can tailor a janitorial service package for your budget and style of building.