Dedicated cleaning for banking and financial institutions.
Bank office cleaning janitorial

Summit Building Services can help with janitorial and office cleaning services at your financial facility. We can design a customized process that is built around the needs of your bank or financial facility. We can streamline building operations and help you save money, increase building efficiency, and increase safety.

Highlighted textSummit Building Services features a 100% accountability program, where communications are routed through upper management and any service deliverables checked to ensure completion and client satisfaction.


Our staff has extremely low turnover and is propelled by the best support services in the industry. This makes sure you have the best employee in the field at YOUR facility.  Summit Building Services will be a model of consistency and dependability at your facility.

Summit Building Services also utilizes the best cleaning process in the industry. Employees are taught standardized, environmentally preferred cleaning methodology (designed around LEED standards), which they are then tested on before starting work. Summit employees must then implement the process in the field and pass a field examination. Regular process reinforcement and examination maintains a high level of accuracy, efficiency, and accountability in daily operations.

Regular performance evaluations and building inspections are conducted by independent monitors to ensure quality standards are being met and all safety protocol is followed. Monthly and quarterly goals are set with building management to target improved building appearance, increased efficiency, and reduced operating cost.

We can help you in numerous areas including:

Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote for the cleaning at your bank or financial facility! Summit Building Services is often able to offer clients a cost savings while also giving them a service upgrade.