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Summit Building Services delivers tremendous results for clients in a number of industries. We can tailor a unique service solution for your distinct facility. Our team provides local support to make sure you get uniformly excellent results. Contact us and our team will reply within a day.

Commercial Cleaning Services Designed For All Industries

Buildings vary from industry to industry, as do their cleaning needs. We're experienced in cleaning buildings in every industry from medical to manufacturing. While the needs of the specific buildings may be different, the same strategies allow us to deliver quality cleaning to businesses in any industry. 


As a commercial janitorial services company, we've serviced buildings in every industry. We've found that while the approach to service varies slightly across each industry we serve, the final product and the approach to cleaning remain consistent. In order to service buildings with varying functions, we design our cleaning plans around the specific needs of each unique building. 

Summit can help you meet your janitorial standards

We're confident that our suite of comprehensive cleaning services will be able to meet the unique cleaning needs of your facility.

What Industries Do We Service?



Office Cleaning

Clean floors, empty trash cans, clean lunchrooms, and fresh restrooms are what you can expect when you arrive to work in the morning. We understand that you spend 40+ hours a week in your office and need it to be fresh and clean to do your best work. Daily cleaning helps us keep your building in peak condition. Dealing with your daily trash creation, dirty carpets, and soiled restroom allows us to prevent damage to your building and the potential spread of foul odors.


busy office with people working at cubicles.


Medical Facilities

We know your patient's safety is priority number one. Our comprehensive cleaning method, from start-up to daily maintenance, focuses on all of the needs of your facility and its occupants. We take time to understand the cadence of your facility and build a service plan around your distinct needs. Summit Building Services features Green-Seal Certified products that maximize benefits to your building, patients, and the environment. 





We know that clean and secure facilities are essential in your industry. Our team works with clients to ensure that all cleaners, managers, and visitors are properly vetted and identified before entering your building. Each of our cleaners must pass a background check as well as a reference check. We know a bit about working within tight security as well. By request, we work with our customers to identify each associate who may enter your facility. We keep this list updated as changes occur so that you are always kept up to date and are never at risk of being compromised. Our goal, as always, is to deliver cleaning services with as little hassle as possible. 




It's All About You and Your Building

We're committed to providing quality cleaning services that improve cleanliness in our client's facilities. 

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Schools require special attention on the cleaning front as hundreds of students and teachers inhabit them five days a week. We're ready to make sure your school stays clean and habitable from the restrooms to the lunchrooms. We create personalized cleaning plans for each building tailored around your school's unique needs and schedule. 


School Lunchroom (1)




Property managers have their hands full managing facilities with many tenants, commercial or residential. We know what it takes to manage customer relationships between both property managers and tenants. We provide services that help take a load off of property managers and will satisfy tenants cleaning needs. 






Shoppers expect nothing less than a clean store with all of the great products they need. Whether you run a grocery store, clothing outlet, or home improvement store, you need a cleaning service provider you can trust every day to deliver a shining, safe and healthy store. Summit Building Services is ready with a comprehensive suite of cleaning services and the flexibility to help your brand maximize each day of business.


Retail Small




Cleanliness and disinfection are more essential than ever to keeping industrial facilities running. Product quality standards plus health and safety codes demand cleaner and safer facilities. Your facility has many moving parts and people working within it. Our team is ready to step in and deliver consistent cleaning with little interference to your operations. We create personalized service plans for every facility we clean. The plan we create for your building helps us give you the exact cleaning services you need, avoiding excess services and keeping prices down for you.


Modern Manufacturing Facility




Busy buildings need extra cleaning in all areas to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Summit Building Services offers a comprehensive suite of cleaning services tailored to your needs at a price fitting your budget. Our services cover everything you'll need from daily maintenance to deep cleaning and refinishing services. 


Government Building


Auto Dealers


From the showroom floor to the back office, a clean and healthy facility helps you deliver the best shopping experience for your customers. As a trusted, local service provider, we offer the expertise necessary to keep your facility looking great. We understand the challenges facing your building, and we are ready to get to work delivering great results every night!




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