Restroom Cleaning Services


Sanitized restrooms are vital to the health and safety of any commercial building. We're experts in maintaining high-traffic restrooms and eliminating foul odors at the source. 

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Clean Restrooms are Non-Negotiable

We're ready to help you with restroom cleaning services that target trouble areas in your bathroom.


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Daily Restroom Cleaning


Six-Step Restroom Cleaning Services Process


Restroom cleaning is a daily necessity in almost every building we service. We follow restroom cleaning best practices to efficiently and effectively clean and sanitize each restroom in your facility. We design our cleaning programs using a top-down cleaning approach to ensure that all parts of your restroom are properly cleaned and sanitized.  

    1. Dust High to Low
    2. Wipe Down horizontal and vertical surfaces
    3. Clean All Toilets and Urinals
    4. Disinfection
    5. Remove All Trash
    6. Sweep and Mop

Restroom Deep Cleaning


Sometimes standard cleaning is just not enough to cut into deep-seated stains and build-up in restrooms. Situations like these require special attention and deep cleaning. Restroom deep cleaning includes pressure washing, wall washing, detail cleaning of fixtures, and tile and grout cleaning.


3 Step Cleaning Process

  1. Solution Soak- We spray our cleaning solution on toilets, urinals, sinks, and mirrors. Spraying in a top-down motion reduces the chance that spots are missed, avoiding backtracking and saving time. 
  2. Rinse- Soaked surfaces are then rinsed and power washed. Adjusting the spray nozzle to the high-pressure position and the spraying configuration to rinse, begin rinsing down the soaked surfaces. Before rinsing, we wipe the mirror free of the solution. When rinsing we make sure to spray areas where deep seeded grime tends to hide.
  3. Dry- Once all of the surfaces have been rinsed, it's time to vacuum up the water solution mix. Starting at the entrance and working towards the back, making sure all of the solution is picked up. Once the floor is clear, our cleaner will use a microfiber rag to dry off Mirrors, sinks, toilets, urinals, and other structures that were cleaned. 
Additional Deep Cleaning Services
  • Floor ScrubbingWe offer floor scrubbing for flooring from tile, terrazzo, and VCT. Regular floor scrubs remove stains and build-up on floors and around toilets and urinals.
  • Grout Line CleaningDirt, dust, and residue build-up in grout lines on a tiled floor. Buildup looks bad and can create foul odors that deteriorate the indoor air quality of your restroom. Our floor scrubbers can handle grout cleaning during your regularly scheduled restroom deep clean.

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