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There’s nothing better than a warm, sunny summer day. That is, until the sunlight illuminates all the smudges, marks, and grime on your windows, and you’re reminded that you have some serious window cleaning to do. If you’re at home, you might save it for your Saturday morning chores, but at work, the longer you let your windows stay dirty and smudged, the worse it’s going to reflect on your business’ reputation and employee morale.

How often should windows be cleaned? It depends on a number of factors, the biggest of which is the type of business you run. As your facility is the customers’ and prospects’ first impression, all businesses should make an effort to keep their windows clean. Some windows get dirtier more easily and more often, requiring greater frequency of professional window cleaning.

There are no fast-and-hard rules about how often to clean your windows, and many things influence how often you call in the commercial window cleaning professionals, including:

  • Location: Windows on facilities close to highways and on busy streets get dirty much faster than those in quiet suburban areas with only moderate traffic.
  • Landscaping: If your building has trees that drip sap, mulched areas up against the building, or is alongside a parking lot, you may need more frequent cleaning because of the debris in the air.
  • Weather: If the spring season is rainier than usual, you may need a commercial window cleaning company to wash the windows more often to remove the mineral deposits left by water.

Office buildings should have a full cleaning (inside and out) about twice a year; the lobbies, however, should be cleaned monthly or every other month because of how important this area is to visitors’ impressions of the company. Touch-ups on the inside may need to be done more often, depending on the type of business environment.

Have you ever driven past a commercial building with untidy landscaping, a debris-filled parking lot and dirty, dusty windows? It gives passersby the impression that the business isn’t doing well and that they “just don’t care.” Don’t let that happen to your business. Call Summit Building Services (330) 802-5008 to talk about a window cleaning service schedule that fits your budget and your business needs. We’re happy to help you make a positive first impression on customers and prospects!

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