Window Cleaning

Let the light in! Streak-free window cleaning by Summit Building Services.
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Dirty windows block sunlight during the day and can leave your building dark and drab on the inside. Summit Building Services provides sustainable window cleaning services that minimize environmental impact while also giving our clients a wonderful result.

As more and more facilities move towards day-lighting, window cleaning becomes more and more important. Our customized maintenance plans can ensure that occupants have a plenty of light on the inside and passers-by get a great looking building on the outside.

Maintenance Benefits

  • Improved lighting inside building.¬†
  • Improved curb appeal from the exterior.
  • Reduced energy cost through less interior lighting.
  • Improved morale for occupants.

Getting on a regular window maintenance program is a small tweak that can have big results for your facility. Clean windows improve building appearance, directly effect worker productivity, and can reduce energy cost.

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