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Commercial Floor Care Checklist

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There's an obvious difference between a super clean, highly polished floor and a floor that's become dull after years of missed floor work. Your floors set the first impression for how the rest of your building is going to look for your building's visitors. We want to help you make that first impression a good one. 

Floor maintenance is an ongoing cycle from the time you install new hard surface floors until you're ready to replace them. Keeping your floors clean and glossy requires a mix of daily cleaning and regularly scheduled refinishing. This floor care checklist will show you everything you need to keep your floors looking great.


Commercial Floor Care 


Daily floor Cleaning

Sweeping, dust mopping and mopping are the easiest and most obvious steps to take to keep your hard surface floors clean daily. Removing dirt, dust, and debris from your floors prevents these contaminants from being agitated by foot traffic and wearing on your floors. 

In addition to these more typical daily tasks, many of our buildings opt for daily floor scrubbing. Daily floor scrubbing utilizes a very light abrasive scrubbing pad that cleans up hard to remove debris and sticky substances. We've found that floor scrubbers save time in medical facilities, lunchrooms, high-traffic hallways, and grocery stores. Scrubbing provides a better, more consistent clean than typical mopping, as the pad scrubs away impurities and vacuums up the leftover liquid all in one motion preventing water from pooling up or streaking.


Buffing & Burnishing

The frequency of buffing and burnishing floors varies from building to building, ranging from weekly to monthly. The purpose of floor burnishing is to quickly create a high-shine, glossy finish. This is most common in high-foot-traffic buildings where a clean appearance is crucial. Facilities such as hospitals, universities, retailers, and public government facilities often opt for the high-shine, glossy finish that regular burnishing offers. 


Quarterly Top Scrub and REcoat

Daily cleaning is necessary for maintaining floors, and burnishing is great for giving your hard floors that extra shine, but eventually your floor needs some extra attention. A quarterly top scrub and recoat is a strong long-term option for maintaining hard floors. To top scrub and recoat hard surface floors, we remove to top layers of wax and replace them with two or three new layers of wax. This removes the dirty, scratched, and blemished top layers of wax and replaces them with a clean and clear finish. 


Bi-Annual Strip and Wax

There's no hard and fast rule on how to best maintain hard surface floors, every building is different and therefore has varying needs. We would however consider it a best practice to mix in a full strip and wax between your quarterly top scrubs and recoats. Stripping and waxing at least once a year is the best way to protect the long-term health and appearance of your hard surface flooring. Stripping and waxing entail removing every layer of wax from your floor and replacing them with four or five fresh layers of new wax. This completely resets the wear and tear on your floors with the previous layers of wax, and provides more protection for base flooring. 


Summit is your local floor refinishing team of experts

Whether you're just looking for more information on how to keep your floors looking great or a quote for any of our services mentioned above, Summit is here and ready to help. Our team is focused on helping you solve your biggest commercial cleaning issues. Our project team has provided floor refinishing for buildings in varying industries. Our team has worked in hospitals, schools, factories, and offices. To get your quote, schedule a walkthrough and we'll get your quote ready for you. Once we have your approval we'll schedule your project in our calendar.