Clean floors make your building look better and reduce tripping hazards. We're ready to personalize commercial floor cleaning services to help keep your floors looking great and FOD.


Game Changing Floor Services that Revitalize and Protect

Summit Building Services offers all of the floor cleaning services to keep your floors looking great!


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How Often Do Floors Need Maintenance?


Routine floor care keeps your facility shining and looking great. Don't let dulled and dirty floors ruin your building's first impression! 

  • Daily floor cleaning removes dust, dirt, and debris that would otherwise buildup, stain, and discolor your floor. Clean and clear floors help keep building occupants safe.
  • Quarterly top scrub and recoats refresh and replace the top layers of wax on your hard surface flooring returning that high gloss finish to your floors.
  • Annual strip and wax jobs lift up all of the wax on your floor and replace it with new wax removing dirt and scuffs, essentially reviving any hard surface floor.

Featured Floor Maintenance Services


We utilize several cleaning systems, each one with its distinct performance cost advantages. We try to educate our clients on our service options and work with them on implementation and getting the desired results at their building. 

We use these Floor Cleaning Services to create a cleaning plan that meets your facilities needs:


  1. Stripping and Refinishing: Removes all existing layers of finish from your floor and replaces them with several fresh coats of finish. Typically an annual or semi-annual maintenance measure revitalizes dull, scuffed, and dirty flooring.
  2. Top Scrub and Re-coat: Removes the top couple of layers of finish and then replaces them with several fresh coats of finish. Typically an intermediate maintenance measure helps restore dull floors.
  3. Floor Burnishing: A deep clean that polishes the top layer of your floor and leaves a glossy, shiny finish. This is effective as a regular maintenance measure. 
  4. Floor Scrubbing: Used for daily floor maintenance. Machines replace traditional mopping by hand. Typically the best option for large open floor plans. 

You deserve clean floors, we can get you there

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