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Contract Cleaning vs In-House Cleaning

Contract Cleaning vs In-House Cleaning

Contract Cleaning Services Versus In-House Cleaning

If you manage a business or a commercial building, you've certainly run into the need for a little more than run-of-the-mill cleaning. The question then comes down to whether you should outsource your cleaning services or put together an in-house custodial staff. While putting together your own in-house cleaning team can have its own particular perks, outsourcing janitorial services may actually be the better and more cost-effective option. 

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In-House Cleaning


Many schools and manufacturing facilities opt toward in-house cleaning with the custodial staff. There are a few benefits to having a crew of full and part-time custodians in-house. They have an intimate knowledge of your building and are under your direct management. They can also serve as an on-site maintenance staff that can take care of issues immediately. 


However, there can be some downside with choosing in-house cleaning. The managerial strain of hiring, training, scheduling, and managing an in-house cleaning team can become overwhelming. The hiring process alone could eat up a sizable chunk of time between interviews, reference, and background checks. Additionally, high turnover rates in the industry can lead to your team being bogged down in a seemingly endless hiring process. 


Another stress associated with in-house cleaning is supply ordering. How many rolls of toilet paper and paper towels are necessary each month? How much soap will you need, and what are the best cleaning supplies to be used in your building. These are problems that a janitorial service encounters in every building they set foot in. We have a good idea of how much supplies your facility will need and we have the connections to take janitorial supply ordering off of your plate completely.


Contract Cleaning Services


What are the drawbacks of working with a janitorial cleaning company? First, we experience the same hiring issues that you will. The cleaning industry experiences a higher than average turnover rate. To deal with this, we've become experts in hiring and have an awesome HR process. If you'd like to learn more about our HR process, contact us today! There is also an additional layer of communication that is involved, whenever you are working with an external contracting organization. 


Despite these two downsides, contracting for janitorial services does offer plenty of benefits. Most of which are significant time savers for you. We handle the entire hiring process and manage our cleaning crew. We also can handle all supply ordering and choosing cleaning supplies to be used in your building. The most critical part of having a team in place for your building cleaning is planning for when things go awry. We have systems in place to make sure our buildings are always cleaned, even if our cleaners need a day off or have to deal with last-minute emergencies. 


Our managers perform monthly employee reviews and check on the quality of cleaning being done. We also have quality assurance managers. Their job is to perform monthly quality checks in all of our buildings. These checks help us prevent deficiencies and spot them before they become a problem for you.



Why Summit Is The Right Team For The Job


Our mission statement is "Service First!". That means every part of our business, up-front and behind the scenes, is moving to best serve our customers. Our customer support structure is optimized for quick and decisive action. With a single call, you can reach one of our managing partners to address deficiencies or receive any additional services required. An example of this is adding disinfection services to help mitigate pandemic issues. 


Give us a call today to learn why contracting with Summit Building Services is the right decision for your business!