Commercial Disinfection Services

As Covid- 19 lingers in the United States, businesses are being forced to make hard decisions on how best to reopen. We know this creates anxiety for owners and employees alike. To help ease your mind, we're ready to offer commercial disinfection services to help you keep your building occupants safe and healthy. 


Our disinfection services include surface disinfection for high-traffic touchpoints. We also offer disinfection misting and electrostatic spraying with our new Clorox 360 machine. Schedule a meeting to learn how disinfection and commercial cleaning from Summit can help you reopen and stay at work safely. 


Disinfection Services

Disinfection Services for Safer and Healthier Facilities

Summit Building Services is ready to aid in keeping your facility as clean and safe as possible.

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An Efficient Cleaning and Disinfection Process

Our disinfection program focuses on cleaning and disinfecting high traffic touch points within your facility. These points in your office such as; door handles, printers and lunch tables, pose a serious threat as they are gathering places for harmful microbes and pathogens. By cleaning and disinfection these touch-points, we can minimize the potential spread of infectious diseases and viruses. 


We use a two step cleaning and disinfecting process to maximize the effects of our disinfectant. We begin by wiping down high traffic touch points with peroxide multi surface cleaner and clean absorbent towels. This removes any accumulation of dust, dirt and grime from the intended surface that would prevent the chemical  The next step is to apply our EPA approved disinfectant cleaner to the surface and allow it to air dry. If we are cleaning on an active job site, we will wipe off the surface as a courtesy to your workers.


We also are offering new services featuring our electrostatic spraying system and disinfectant fumigation. These help us cover larger portions of your building faster, increasing efficiency for us and reducing stress for you.

Why Do You Need Disinfection Services?

You shouldn't underestimate the spread of pathogens and harmful bacteria. Covid-19 has been shown to be largely spread by human contact, more specifically from respiratory droplets expelled by coughing, sneezing and talking. In the absence of masks, these droplets can become widespread, covering many, if not all, surfaces within your building. Make sure you have a frequent cleaning routine in place to kill viral pathogens where they live and reduce potential risk to your building's occupants. 


Summit Building Services has been proactive with our response to Covid-19. We have been adapting our cleaning plans, creating new disinfection programs and researching ways to better serve our customers. We are also providing our employees with masks and training on disinfection best practices. We believe in doing everything possible to help our team and yours, get through this pandemic safely and healthily. You can learn more about how we're handling the coronavirus pandemic when you download our Return to Work Checklist and Disinfection Guides. 

Commercial Cleaning From SBS

We have been on the front lines of the Covid- 19 response. As a result, we have adapted and expanded our cleaning strategies to better protect our customers. Diligent research and evolving services are just part of how Summit puts "Service First!"


Summit is your trusted, locally-owned and operated partner. Summit Building Services takes pride in providing each of our customers with personalized care. Choose a cleaning team that cares about your building as much as you do. 


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