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Restroom Detail Cleaning

Restroom Detail Cleaning

A typical restroom cleaning routine makes sure to clean the full commode, urinal, sinks, and mirrors. There is also trash removal and floor cleaning. That leaves out a few very specific areas that can show their wear quickly if neglected. 

What parts of each restroom are most commonly missed or skipped over? Ironically, their some of the largest fixtures in each restroom. Partitions, walls, and bathroom floors rarely get the attention they deserve in a typical restroom cleaning routine.


Detail Cleaning Restroom Partitions

There are several types of materials used for restroom stalls and partitions. Hard plastic, metal, and stainless steel are the most common materials used for partitions. Hard plastic and metal can both be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber rag. This removes streaks, germs, bacteria, urine spray, and anything else that a restroom can conjure up. 

Stainless steel partitions require a little bit more work. You'll have to clean and polish stainless steel partitions to avoid ugly streaks. Start by cleaning the partition normally with your all-purpose cleaner, or disinfectant. You'll then need to follow up with a designated stainless steel cleaner to polish.


Detail Cleaning Restroom Floors

Bathroom Strip and Wax Redo

Sweeping and mopping should be a part of every daily restroom cleaning checklist. This goes a long way toward keeping your floors clean, but it's not enough to offset the wear and tear of regular usage. 

Your options for deep cleaning vary depending on the type of flooring used in your restroom. Most facilities opt for VCT as this material coated with several layers of wax is very durable and fairly simple to maintain for a long time.

Deep cleaning VCT can be done in several different ways. You can Strip and wax, top scrub and recoat, or burnish. Each of these methods varies in how much wax is removed from your floor. We've gone into further detail about commercial floor care and choosing the best option for your floors.


Detail Cleaning Bathroom Walls

The simplest way to clean restroom walls is to regularly wipe them down with a microfiber rag and a neutral cleaner of your choice. If you have large sections of the wall that need to be cleaned, you can use a flat mop with the neutral cleaner to quickly clean large sections of your walls. 

Tile walls are the easiest to deep clean as we can use our restroom cleaning system to solution soak, scrub, and then pressure wash the wall quickly and easily. You can learn more about our restroom deep cleaning process in our restroom cleaning checklist post. 

Wall Washing


For one reason or another dusting seems to be the most overlooked detail cleaning task in a routine restroom cleaning checklist. Dust collects in air vents and on top of stalls, and can greatly affect your indoor air quality and the overall well-being of your employees. Fortunately, dusting is very easy to do and simply requires an extendable feather duster to reach most ceilings. 

High Dusting Resized

Let Summit Take Care of the Details

Restroom cleaning is far from rocket science, but many people and cleaning companies still don't always get it right. Summit Building Services offers a full range of cleaning options to help get your restrooms back into the shape you want them. We can help you with one-off deep cleans where we used an all-in-one pressure wash machine to clean and extract deep-seated grime in your restroom. We also provide restroom cleaning as a regular service in many, if not all, of our janitorial services plans.