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A clean office matters now more than ever. With the coronavirus pandemic pressing on into fall and the flu season upon us, keeping your office as clean as possible should be a high priority. 


Summit is here to help you create a safer and healthier space for your staff and building visitors. Our commercial office cleaning services are personalized around three key areas: People, Process, and Controls.

Office Cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning Services for a Happier and Healthier Facility

Summit Building Services offers office cleaning for commercial offices throughout Northeast Ohio.

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What's Included In Commercial Office Cleaning

Office cleaning services from a commercial cleaning company include trash removal, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, restroom care, dusting and glass cleaning. We use combinations of the services to offer comprehensive cleaning service packages for our clients. 


  • Waste Disposal - We remove all wastebaskets from desks, lunchrooms, restrooms, and offices around your facility. We then dispose of the trash in the designated dumpster at your facility.
  • Carpet CleaningDaily vacuuming, stain removal, and quarterly deep carpet cleaning helps maintain carpet durability, extend life expectancy, and indoor air quality. 
  • Floor CareSweeping and mopping hard surface floors throughout your facility. We use machine scrubbers and other floor cleaning machines in buildings with large hard surface floors.
  • Restroom Care We clean, sanitize, and keep consumable products stocked to keep your workplace restrooms clean, safe, and functioning properly.
  • DustingWe dust vents, corners, and cubicle partitions where dust collects to keep your office air clean and free of harmful bacteria.
  • Window Cleaning - We take care of indoor and outdoor windows with spartan biorenewables glass cleaning solution.
  • Lunchroom Cleaning - Your lunchroom is the gathering spot for your employees. Keeping the lunchroom clean helps reduce spread of germs and viruses and makes the area more comfortable for everyone in your building.

People, Process, and Controls

People: The Best Team in Clean

We're proud of our staff. Our cleaners move mountains for our clients every night. They're deeply committed to making sure we’re always putting Service First and living up to our customer-centered mission statement.


Summit Building Services features industry pioneering training and incentive programs to help develop team members and turn them into leaders within our company and in their communities.


Prioritizing investment in our front line personnel means that we feature the best staff in the cleaning industry. Let’s talk about how Summit team members can make a difference at your facility today! 

Process: Cleaner and Greener

Summit Building Services features Green Cleaning programs at all of our facilities. Why? Because we have found that using greener products and tailoring services for environmental health (micro and macro) is a win-win. It helps us to keep our staff safer, keep building occupants healthier, and the buildings looking great.


Our comprehensive cleaning plans include trash removal, restroom cleaning and carpet maintenance your building needs. We also include periodic dusting to mitigate the health risks of excess dust. We also offer additional disinfection services for high-traffic surface touch points in your office.


Our staff uses industry-leading cleaning equipment. Paired with our maintenance team, you'll never have to worry that we can get the job done. Top equipment in the hands of the best workers helps us deliver excellent results every night.

Controls: Proactive Inspections

We create unique service plans to meet the needs of each building we service. Creating these personalized plans gives you the exact cleaning you need and helps us keep prices down.


We work with all of our clients to set up regular inspection schedules at their buildings. We input the inspection report through a mobile app and keep everything tracked within our digital system. Keeping accurate data on all of our facilities and measuring cleaning performance trends of long and short periods helps us deliver high-quality cleaning in the long-term. We are continuing to implement new tech to improve service quality from all angles. 


We can schedule these inspections with you, or if you prefer, we can do them independently and share our findings. This way we can stay ahead of deficiencies and complaints. Our goal is always to be proactive with our service inspections. Active quality management saves you time and stress. Saving you time and allowing you to focus on the important parts of your job.

Office Cleaning FAQ's

Office cleaning services include daily cleaning tasks found in an office space. Cleaning tasks include trash removal, restroom cleaning, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.

Cleaning frequency for offices varies by the occupancy, and use of the office. Heavily populated offices with large amounts of foot traffic will need cleaning 5 to 6 times per week. Medium crowded offices can often be cleaned between 3-5 times per week. Sparsely populated offices only need to be cleaned 1-3 times per week.

Office bathrooms should be cleaned as often as the office itself is cleaned. More heavily populated offices will opt for day porter services to clean restrooms in addition to nightly cleaning. 

Why work with Summit?

We are a trusted, locally-owned and operated partner. Summit Building Services takes pride in providing each of our customers with personalized care.


  • Professional and Hassle-Free Service
  • Fast, Free Quotes
  • Designed Around LEED Standards
  • Locally Owned and Operated


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