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Keeping your office clean is our top priority. Summit is here to help you create a safer and healthier space for your staff and building visitors. We're ready to create your commercial office cleaning checklist that's personalized to fit your cleaning needs and schedule. 

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Office Cleaning From Summit Building Services

Office cleaning services from Summit Building Services include trash removal, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, restroom care, dusting, and glass cleaning. We piece together our services to create a comprehensive plan that meets the cleaning needs of your facility. 

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Waste Disposal

We remove all wastebaskets from desks, lunchrooms, restrooms, and offices around your facility. We then dispose the trash in the designated dumpster at your facility. 

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Daily vacuuming, stain removal, and quarterly deep carpet cleaning helps maintain carpet durability, extend life expectancy, and indoor air quality. 

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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Sweeping and mopping hard surface floors throughout your facility. We use machine scrubbers and other floor cleaning machines in buildings with large hard surface floors. 

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Restroom Care

We clean, sanitize, and keep consumable products stocked to keep your workplace restrooms clean, safe, and functioning properly.


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We dust vents, corners, and cubicle partitions where dust collects to keep your office air clean and free of harmful bacteria. 

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Lunchroom Cleaning

We wipe down and sanitize tables and counters, clean microwaves, remove the trash, sweep and mop floors. 

You deserve a clean office, we can get you there

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