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Cleaning Every Schools Needs in 2021

Cleaning Every Schools Needs in 2021

As schools are reopening for in-person learning, it’s important that you have a plan to keep your students and faculty safe. Clean classrooms are essential in keeping your students and faculty safe when schools reopen.


In-person learning brings up more than a few issues and raises concerns for a lot of parents. In a Washington Post-Schar School survey run by Ipsos, only 16% of parents believed schools should fully return to in-person instruction. Another 44% preferred a mix of online and in-person instruction with fully online instruction coming in as a close second. In another poll run by Harris Interactive, 51% of Americans and 53% of parents said guaranteed hygienic cleaning of shared spaces would make them feel safe to return to colleges and universities. 


These numbers display a lack of confidence in the safety of in-person learning. Daily cleaning and disinfection are a great first step to keep local schools and college classes safe and healthy this year. As hundreds of students and faculty crowd into small classrooms and packed lunchrooms, new cleaning and preventative measures need to be put in place. Summit building services is here to help add safety and ease concern of returning to in-person education. We've put together a short list of five cleaning essentials to help keep your schools safer this year. 


Five Daily Cleaning Necessities

1. Disinfection


Disinfection is a power hitter in the fight against viral pathogens and other potentially harmful germs. These services, however, must be paired with a strong cleaning programs to be used to their full effect. As students in this case are the most likely vectors, It is important to disinfect the high traffic touch points and common areas where these students spend the majority of their time. Desk, lunchroom tables and door handles are major areas of concern, but there are also other like restrooms and lockers that can harbor unwanted germs. 


To combat these high traffic touch points, Summit Building Services uses a quick and effective two step cleaning and disinfection process. We begin by completely wiping down the intended surface and then follow by either spraying or wiping our disinfectant onto the surface. The solution is then allowed to air dry. Our EPA Grade disinfectant is perfect for air drying as it leaves very little residue.  


We've also prepared for larger buildings that need a more all-encompassing disinfection. In these cases we use electrostatic sprayers to fully coat surfaces with disinfectant. These help us cover larger areas without charging exorbitant prices. 


2. Restroom and Locker Room Cleaning


Restroom cleaning needs done on a nightly basis. Trash needs emptied, consumables need stocked, floors need cleaned and toilets, urinals and sinks need cleaned and sanitized. Summit Building Services has a simple, yet effective, plan for cleaning any restroom.


Our cleaners work from a top-down approach and always work their way out of the room they are in. This helps us reduce the time spent cleaning and area and make sure we aren't leaving behind footprints. 


Frequent cleaning and floor care around toilets and urinals removes potentially dangerous germs, helps to maintain indoor air quality and reduces foul odors. Daily restroom cleaning reduces risk factors and generally improves the quality of your building as a whole. 


3. Recycling and Waste Removal


Your building creates a large amount of trash and recyclable products on a daily basis. Your lunchroom and restrooms create the largest amount of trash in your building and those need to be removed every night. This prevents food and waste product emitting foul odors and damaging the indoor air quality in your building. 


Proper waste removal not only protects air quality and health and safety of your school, but it also reduces the likelihood of rodent and insect infestations. These can become an avoidable added expense. We train our cleaners to properly dispose of all waste, recycling and compost. Additional training for chemical removal is also supplied in building when necessary.  


4. Dusting and Improving Indoor Air Quality


Cleaning and dusting vents and ceiling fans prevents build-up of dust, this improves the indoor air quality of your building and removes potential harmful bacteria and viral pathogens. Indoor air quality affects the odor of your facility, and the health of your teachers and students. Stagnant and polluted air carries allergens and harmful pathogens that can cause illnesses. With proper ventilation and regular cleaning greatly improve indoor air quality and mitigate health concerns in your classrooms.


5. Floor Cleaning


Your floors take a lot of daily wear and tear as your students and staff track in dirt, mud and salt. These can spread and dry throughout your building creating messes everywhere your building occupants go. Daily floor care removes those contaminants keeping your floors safe and preventing any potential spread of germs. 


Semi-regular floor renewal programs may be necessary to maintain the high quality shine on your floors. We offer a variety of cleaning programs to meet the needs of many varying flooring types. 


Summit Has What Schools Need


Our cleaning staff and management team are well trained and can be scheduled to clean at a time that is most convenient to your students and staff. We take pride in offering consistently excellent service and hiring highly qualified and trustworthy employees. With great employees, leadership and equipment, you can expect top-notch service on a nightly basis and return to school with less doubt about safety and focus your concern to where it belongs, providing great education for our communities. 





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