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Summit Building Services is a trusted, local cleaning company for over 150+ businesses throughout Northeast Ohio. We've built trust with our customers by offering quality cleaning, providing a personal touch, and eliminating missed service.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a robust suite of commercial cleaning solutions to create a cleaning program that fits your facility.

WBE Certified

We're proud to be a certified Woman-Owned Business. We found that varied perspectives help us reach unexpected solutions and achieve greater results.

Powerful Staffing

We're constantly bolstering our organization at every level with uniquely qualified candidates that help us make sure you never miss a day of service.

Cost Savings

Quite simply, we can save you money. We're masters of efficiency and revolutionizing the cleaning process, as a result, we save our clients big money.

Clean buildings improve occupant health and productivity.

We're here to help you improve cleanliness in your building while reducing costs.

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Improving Efficiency is How We Put Service First

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Service First means inspecting work sites and logging all data so we can improve every day.

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Service First means employing the latest technology to ensure great results in cleaning and communication.

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Proactive Management

Service First means being proactive in addressing deficiencies.

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Cost Savings

Service First means saving our clients money and time through a thorough and efficient service process.

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Best Staff

Service First means hiring and retaining the best staff in the industry.

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24/7 Support

Service First means being there for our clients when they need us most.

A Different Service Approach


  • Our Service First mission is a commitment to taking care of buildings, the people that inhabit them, and the people who clean them.

  • We’re committed to investing and building each one of our accounts to make sure they receive consistently uniform and excellent results.

  • Each account has several points of contact within our organization to ensure that lines of communication remain open anytime you need help. 

  • Similar to the layers of support our management team offers to you, our management team also has several layers of support for unexpected situations.

  • These layers of support allow our management team to focus on what matters most, delivering excellent service and ensuring that your building never misses scheduled service.


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