We are experts in commercial office cleaning. We deliver clean and productive workplaces for our clients and we're ready to help you too. We understand everything it takes to keep a working office clean and in peak condition. We're ready to create a custom cleaning plan that meets your building's exact needs and fits within your budget.


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We're ready to put together a cleaning plan that meets the cleaning needs of your distinct facility.


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Daily Cleaning Services


Clean floors, empty trash cans, clean lunchrooms, and fresh restrooms are what you can expect when you arrive to work in the morning. We understand that you spend 40+ hours a week in your office and need it to be fresh and clean to do your best work. Summit Building Service is ready with the comprehensive office cleaning checklist you'll need to keep your building looking great and feeling fresh. 



Your daily office cleaning schedule can make a world of a difference for your office. Daily cleaning helps us keep your building in peak condition. Dealing with your daily trash creation, dirty carpets, and soiled restroom allows us to prevent damage to your building and the potential spread of foul odors. Summit is ready to step in and create a plan of service that meets your building needs and fits your budgetary restraints. 

Carpet Cleaning Services


Your office carpeting contributes significantly to the health of your building and the well-being of everyone who inhabits it. Your carpet absorbs spills, dust, and being walked on the day in and day out. This constant abuse can lead to major damage to your carpeting systems. With daily vacuuming, frequent stain removal, and routine quarterly deep cleaning, Summit Building Services offers daily cleaning and regularly scheduled deep cleaning to keep your carpet looking great, for longer.

Why is regular carpet cleaning so important? Dust and spillage settle into your carpets and work themselves into the fibers. When walked on, they begin to act as an abrasive between the fibers and cause them to separate and fray. This fraying leads to large spots of carpet beginning to tear up and will call for recovery services or replacement. 

As well as degrading the effectiveness of your carpeting, dust and spillage that settles in your carpet can begin to affect the indoor air quality of your office. Dust that falls to the carpet can be kicked up into your office space from foot traffic, potentially affecting employee health and productivity. 

Clean Floors Every Morning


Keep your floors looking great with regular sweeping, mopping, and floor refinishing. Daily floor maintenance keeps your floors clean and clear of dust, debris, and spillage that finds its way to your floors. Removing these contaminants from your floors prevents damage to your floors and minimizes the potential for odorous buildups.

Lunchrooms are the most common culprit for food ending up on the floor. Particularly in areas behind trash cans, under tables, and in corners. Food left in these places will begin to stink on short notice, making your office lunchroom less enjoyable and potentially unhealthy. To combat this, our daily floor cleaning focuses on covering all parts of your floors, especially the areas mentioned above. 

Our floor refinishing services are great for bringing the shine back to your dirty and dull floors. Our project team works around your schedule to quickly and efficiently finish your flooring project in a way that minimizes stress to you and your employees. 

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