Auto Dealership Cleaning Services


From the showroom floor to the back office, a clean and healthy facility helps you deliver the best shopping experience for your customers. As a trusted, local service provider, we offer the expertise necessary to keep your facility looking great. We understand the challenges facing your building, and we are ready to get to work delivering great results every night!


Clean Showrooms Drive Sales!

Summit Building Services is ready to help you get your sales floor customer ready. 


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Show Off Your Showroom Floor


We know the showroom is the centerpiece of your building. You take pride in arranging cars and trucks to appeal to your customers as they enter and walk around your building. Make sure your floors are in top condition to accentuate the carefully arranged layout of your showroom. 

Our floor care services are just what you need to keep your building sparkling. Our daily floor maintenance is great for keeping your floors in top condition, while our regularly scheduled maintenance is just what you'll need to renew the shine to older and worn flooring. 

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Clear and Sparkling Windows


Improve the curb appeal of your building with streak-free windows! Improving curb appeal can impact potential customers whether they're actively shopping or not. An attractive storefront shows the pride you take in your business and projects positively onto the potential buyers. Don't let streaky, dirty windows stand between you and potential sales. 

Clean windows are a call away with Summit Building Services. Our window cleaning team is prompt, quick, and effective exactly when you need them. They wipe away all dust, dirt, and imperfections leaving you with nothing less than clean and clear windows. 

Your Visitors expect a clean building Experience

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