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Receiving cleaning from a commercial cleaning company is the surest way to ensure that your workplace will be clean and ready to go when you arrive in the morning. Commercial cleaning includes daily cleaning services from restroom cleaning, floor care to trash disposal, and disinfection services. We also offer deep cleaning, floor refinishing, and deep carpet care as extra project-based work.


As a commercial janitorial services company, we've serviced buildings in every industry. We've found that while the approach to service varies slightly across each industry we serve, the final product and the approach to cleaning remain consistent. In order to service buildings with varying functions, we design our cleaning plans around the specific needs of each unique building. 

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Features and Benefits

  • Daily Cleaning Without the Hassle- We handle supplies, equipment, staffing, and cleaning so you can get back to attending to more important matters.
  • Cleaning When You Need It- We work with you to set up the best time for us to come in and clean your facility. We offer cleaning on all shifts including Day Porter service and overnight cleaning. 
  • Cleaning How You Need It- We work with you to create a cleaning plan that addresses the needs of your unique facility. This reduces redundant clean and keeps prices lower.
  • Detail Cleaning and Project Work- Have an area of your building that has fallen into disrepair? We offer a variety of deep cleaning, project-based services that will help revitalize your facility. 
  • Inspections Reduce Deficiencies- Our Quality Assurance manager uses a digital scoring system to grade cleaning performance and share results so we can improve service without constantly asking for feedback or receiving complaints.
  • Lower Employee Turnover- We hire experienced cleaners who exhibit a strong drive for working. We provide initial online training plus onsite training with a manager to ensure the employee is ready to complete job tasks. We pay above-average hourly wages and each employee is enrolled in a bonus program that provides an incentive for perfect attendance, strong cleaning scores, and proper equipment management. 


What Services Do We Offer?

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a complete service offering for many of the businesses we serve. Most commercial office cleaning plans center around a program of trash removal, restroom cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and dusting.


  • Carpet Cleaning- Daily vacuuming, stain removal, and quarterly deep carpet cleaning helps maintain carpet durability, extend life expectancy, and indoor air quality.
  • Floor Care- Sweeping and mopping hard surface floors throughout your facility. We use machine scrubbers and other floor cleaning machines in buildings with large hard surface floors.
  • Restroom Care- We clean, sanitize, and keep consumable products stocked to keep your workplace restrooms clean, safe, and functioning properly.
  • Dusting- We dust vents, corners, and cubicle partitions where dust collects to keep your office air clean and free of potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Window Cleaning- We clean interior windows wiping away fingerprints, smudges, and soil that may reside on the glass.
  • Lunchroom Cleaning - Your lunchroom is the gathering spot for your employees. Keeping the lunchroom clean helps reduce spread of germs and viruses and makes the area more comfortable for everyone in your building.


Floor Care


Daily Floor Care Routine

Maintaining a daily floor cleaning routine keeps your floors free of dust, dirt, and debris and keeps the top layer of your floor coating looking better for longer. 


  • Sweeping and Dust Mopping- This is the first step in a daily floor cleaning routine. Picking up dirt, dust, and debris clears the floor and makes it ready for wet mopping
  • Wet Mopping- Using a mop and bucket with a floor cleaning solution, wet mopping cleans hard surface flooring. Specifically targeting buildup on floors such as dirt, mud clumps, food, and liquid spills.
  • Floor Scrubbing- Some facilities are too big to mop with a traditional mop and bucket. We use a variety of floor scrubbers to deliver clean and clear floors for each building we clean.


Project Floor Care

Project carpet cleaning, like floor refinishing, is an extra service that many of our customers request on a quarterly, semi-annually, or annual basis.


  • Stripping and Waxing- Stripping and refinishing removes all existing layers of finish from your floor and replaces them with several fresh coats of finish
  • Top scrub and Re-coat- Removes the top couple of layers of finish and then replaces them with several fresh coats of finish
  • Floor Burnishing-  Floor burnishing is a deep clean that polishes the top layer of your floor and leaves a glossy, shiny finish.


Carpet Cleaning

Daily Carpet Care

Daily carpet care is a staple of janitorial services. A daily carpet care routine helps to extend the life of your office carpeting while also reducing dirt and dust living in your facility. 


  • Vacuuming- Required vacuuming frequency varies by building, and foot traffic. High foot areas and floor runners require daily cleaning, especially during the winter. Lesser passed areas of carpets only require thorough vacuuming 2-3 times per week, we still spot vacuum to make sure crumbs, paper and other small objects are picked up. Corners and edges only require cleaning once per week. We use an extension to get into the corners and pick up and dust, dirt, and debris that may be living there. 
  • Stain Cleanup- Depending on the size and recency of we are able to deal with stains using supplies our cleaners have on hand in your facility. However, a majority of stains require a carpet extractor and deep cleaning services which is a project cleaning service.

Project Carpet Care

  • Dry carpet cleaning- A biodegradable absorbent compound is spread over the carpet, which is then agitated, and vacuumed up. This compound attracts stains and dirt and is removed from the carpet by vacuuming.
  • Low moisture cleaning- utilizes a low moisture system that features shampooing the carpet and then agitating and extracting the shampoo with a low-moisture, counter-rotating carpet machine.
  • Steam Cleaning- utilizes a carpet detergent that is applied to the carpet, which is then agitated, rinsed, and extracted through a heated and wanded unit. This process involves the most moisture being applied to the carpet is great as a deep clean on carpet.


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Disinfection Services


We offer disinfection services in a variety of dispersion methods to fit any cleaning program, building needs, and budget. We learned some valuable lessons in 2020, putting together comprehensive and helpful services is how we move forward.


  • Two-Step Disinfection Process- This method is a quick two-step process. To begin, the cleaner uses a surface cleaning chemical to wipe down the targeted surface. This clears the area of dirt and grime and prepares it for the next step. The next step is to spray a disinfecting chemical onto the surface and allow it to air dry. The disinfecting chemical can be wiped up, but it is best to allow it to air dry.
  • Spraying and Misting-  We use several variations of disinfecting sprayers, and misters, and foggers. We have implemented the use of the Clorox 360 sprayer, as well as electrostatic sprayers in many of our customers' facilities. These tools allow us to cover larger areas more effectively.
Disinfection Services


Window Cleaning

We know the curb appeal of your building is important and strong first impressions can make or break the perception of your business to visitors, employees, and customers. Clean windows make your building appear brighter and reflect positively on newcomers. Additionally, clear windows allow for better interior lighting which can improve the mood and productivity of your team. Here's what we focus on to make your windows shine.


  • Interior and Exterior Windows- Our cleaners arrive at the specified time and deliver quick and effective services. Our cleaners make sure to remove any caked-on grime both indoors and out to deliver a peerless shine on your windows. 
  • Doors- Glass doors are common among many businesses. These doors often smudged with fingerprints, dust, and anything nature can throw at them, are the first touchpoint your facility has with visitors. Like with window cleaning, our crew makes sure to clean the interior and exterior of the door, removing dirt grime, and blemishes.
window cleaning


Construction Cleaning

Whether you're remodeling a portion of your building or getting back to business after a major project, your workplace likely needs a thorough deep cleaning. We'll work through any punch list that you may have, or if you like, we can make sure your building is ready for launch. Here are a few things we focus on when performing post-construction cleaning. 


  • Floors Cleaning- Sweeping and mopping removes dust, dirt, and debris left behind in the wake of your remodel. Top scrub and re-coat, a full strip, and wax may be needed to reset the current coating of your flooring and give it back its shine.
  • Carpet Cleaning- We begin by vacuuming up all dust, dirt, and debris left behind. We then treat leftover stains and use our wand extracted steam cleaning to make your carpet look and smell great again.
  • Walls- We remove any dust, dirt, and smudges left behind. We use non-aggressive cleaning products that won't harm the finish on your walls.
  • Windows- We clean and clear your windows and dust blinds in the affected areas.
Construction Cleaning

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