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Answering Your Questions About Summit Building Services.

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Summit Building Services is a Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services company. Founded on the principle of putting Service First, we strive to deliver dependable, quality cleaning services at reasonable rates. 

Summit Building Services provides Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services for facilities in nearly every industry throughout Northeast Ohio. Our clients reside in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Mansfield, and everywhere in between. 

Our services are created around the distinct needs of each facility we service. Just like no two buildings are identical, none of our cleaning programs are identical. Custom cleaning plans help our customers get more bang for their buck by cutting out excess services and giving them what they really need. 

We have designed our cleaning services around LEED Green cleaning standards that promote sustainable cleaning practices. These standards help us implement products and equipment that meet sustainability criteria, and also help us improve hygiene, air quality, and health in buildings we service.

To learn more about how we're implementing green cleaning, check out our blog post, Green Cleaning with Summit Building Services.

We look for candidates with a solid background in providing cleaning services. During the hiring process, we screen candidates by performing reference checks and a background check. Our employees are provided with initial training instruction as well as several days of onsite, supervised training with one of our managers.

Our management team is our backbone and a key cog in how we deliver quality service. Our team is committed to employee development and honing their management techniques. This helps us reduce employee turnover, keep buildings staffed and maintain service quality for our customers. 


Janitorial companies offer a full range of commercial cleaning services to meet a variety of needs for our customers. We provide Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, and Re-Finishing, Disinfection Services, and Window Cleaning.

Don't worry if we haven't listed a service that you're looking for, there's a good chance we offer it and just didn't mention it. Your best bet is to check the pages linked above or give us a call at 330-289-6953 to see if we offer what you need and get started on a quote. 

Our cleaning schedule is the one that works best for our customers. We'll work with you to set up a cleaning schedule that works for your facility. While we primarily clean our customer's buildings after hours, we're capable of accommodating clients who require day-time service.

Additionally, we offer Porter service for facilities that require a bit of TLC outside of our after-hours cleaning. Porter or Day Porter services are cleaning services performed throughout the day in specifically targeted areas. Areas such as lunchrooms, conference rooms, and restrooms are commonly targeted for day porter cleaning as they tend to be the highest traffic rooms in a given facility. 


Janitorial services are cleaning services provided by professional, licensed cleaning companies who specialize in cleaning commercial buildings from offices, retailers, and manufacturing facilities. For a typical office building, daily cleaning includes trash removal, vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping floors, restroom cleaning, and lunchroom cleaning. 

Janitorial services take care of the day-to-day cleaning for your facility. We keep trained cleaning professionals stationed in your building, stocked with supplies, and equipped with the tools to deliver consistent quality cleaning every night. 

Hiring a janitorial service company to take care of your cleaning services relieves your team from the stress of handling in-house cleaning. Check out our blog post about Janitorial services vs. In-house cleaning.

Cost varies from building to building. Our quotations factor in cleanable square footage, service frequency, services rendered, necessary equipment, and employee compensation. The quickest way to get an accurate cost of services for your facility is to schedule a building walkthrough to get a free janitorial services quote.

Office cleaning services handle typical cleaning tasks that are needed for an office to run smoothly. Services include trash removal, restroom cleaning, lunchroom cleaning, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming.

Commercial cleaning is a service offered by a janitorial company that offers a wide array of cleaning options. Commercial cleaning can include trash removal, restroom cleaning, detail dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming. Commercial cleaning also entails bigger projects such as floor refinishing, deep carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and disinfeci


To provide you an accurate services quote, our sales rep needs to perform a bid walkthrough of your facility to gain the necessary info to provide you an accurate quote. The quotation process is simple, just set a time that works for you to have someone from our team walk through your facility to get a better understanding of the services you need. Once we've done that and you've provided a few pieces of information about your building, we will get back to you with a quote.

The quickest way to schedule a building walkthrough is simply scheduling a building walkthrough. You can also schedule a meeting by calling our sales rep at 330-289-6953.

Upon agreeing to terms, we get started working with you on transitioning to cleaning services with us. Our president, Erin, will reach out to you to discuss dates for us to begin service. Simply pick a day and we can get to work. 

On your first day of service, a combination of management and new employees will be in your building setting up our janitor's closet, training on cleaning, and becoming acquainted with your facility. 

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