Manufacturing Cleaning Services


Cleanliness and disinfection are more essential than ever to keeping industrial facilities running. Product quality standards plus health and safety codes demand cleaner and safer facilities. Your facility has many moving parts and people working within it. Our team is ready to step in and deliver consistent cleaning with little interference to your operations. We create personalized service plans for every facility we clean. The plan we create for your building helps us give you the exact cleaning services you need, avoiding excess services and keeping prices down for you.


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Floor Cleaning 


Well-maintained floors are necessary for production facilities. Tow motors and hand carts need clear, FOD floors to operate properly. For facilities operating 24/7, we've found that daily floor cleaning is a necessity.

Dust mopping and floor scrubbing are the best ways to keep your floors clean and clear. Preliminary dust mopping picks up dust and all large debris from the floor. Removing large debris allows us to follow up with one of our floor scrubbers.

In large facilities, we use a range of walk-behind or ride-on floor scrubbers. These allow us to cover larger portions of flooring faster. Effective and efficient cleaning helps us deliver consistent cleaning while still staying within a tight budget.

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Restroom Cleaning


Busy plant restrooms run a higher risk of becoming unclean and unsanitary. Daily restroom cleaning or more frequent cleaning in high traffic restrooms is needed to keep these areas safe for use. Our team is trained in our six-step restroom cleaning. This process is effective for cleaning, disinfection, and removing foul odors that result from constant use.

  1. Dusting: Removing dust and cobwebs goes a long way toward improving the appearance and Indoor Air Quality.
  2. Sinks and Mirrors: Our glass cleaning system leaves your mirrors clear and streak-free, we wipe down your sink bowl and faucet to remove and build up around the base of the faucet and drain. 
  3. Toilets: We start by spraying with our disinfectant, we then wipe down the entirety of the toilets making sure we reach the entirety of the bowl leaving no impurities, we finish by using our bowl cleaner and scrubbing wand to lift impurities
  4. Toiletries: We make sure all soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and feminine products are properly stocked and available for your customers and employees to use. 
  5. Trash Removal: Removing trash daily helps cut down on lingering odors.
  6. Floors: Sweeping and mopping, starting from the back of your restroom and working toward the door ensure that all areas are properly cleaned and left totally fresh for your first customers the next day. 

Disinfection Services


Disinfecting high-traffic touchpoints in busy buildings has always been an important step to help mitigate the spread of viral infections in your workplace. Now, amid a pandemic, it is more important than ever to implement and improve disinfection standards for your facility. We've developed several disinfection programs to put in place in our customer's buildings. 

Wiping down and spraying high-traffic touchpoints is our most commonly requested disinfection service. With this approach, our cleaner does an initial wipe of designated touchpoints and follows up by spraying our EPA registered disinfectant. We also offer disinfection services with our electrostatic sprayers. We use these sprayers to cover surfaces in our customer's facilities more efficiently and provide more consistent surface coverage.

We've been on the front lines of the fight against Covid- 19. This experience has helped us develop cleaning strategies that better protect the people in the buildings we clean. For more information on what we are doing to maximize client safety during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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