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What to Expect from Your Janitorial Transition

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You’ve finally come to the breaking point with your current cleaning company, and you’re ready to end the contract. Making a transition from one cleaning company to another can be a straining process for you and your team. The switch can be difficult, making sure your current service provider holds up their end of the bargain until your new provider can be a challenge unto itself. Here’s what you can expect heading into a janitorial transition. 

Dealing with the Outgoing Cleaning Company


The first step is giving your current cleaning crew termination notice, and coming to an agreed-upon end date. The snag in this phase of the transition is reaching the end of the service period with sufficient cleaning services. Occasionally, we've run into issues with outgoing service providers offering the bare minimum effort and pulling resources out of the building early. In these scenarios, we’ve often seen service quality and building cleanliness decline sharply. 


We understand that these situations can become very stressful. In this scenario, your best bet is to check whether or not your newly hired cleaning crew is able to provide any cleaning before your scheduled start date. When we’ve encountered these situations in the past, we’ve worked with our new clients to present a few solutions to get the cleaning they need. We’ve stepped in and taken over cleaning services weeks before our initial start date in more than a few situations. Making sure you always have someone cleaning your building is the most important aspect of our service, and we’ll go to any length to make that happen.

The Start-up Process


There is a lot that goes into starting up a new account. New supplies need to be ordered, employees need to be hired, and a litany of other administrative tasks need to be done. But more important than any of those is the time it takes to learn the new building. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of a new building and build rapport with employees in the building.


Hiring Cleaners

Finding the right cleaner who’s going to do the best job in your building can take some time. We know that it can be disconcerting to see new faces cleaning your building, that’s why we work to get a stable employee in your building as soon as possible. 

Our hiring process starts as soon as a contract is agreed upon. The hiring process can take some time to find the right candidates, so we begin searching, and interviewing quickly after being awarded a contract. Once we get a cleaner into your building they are given several days of training directly with a manager who has learned about your building. The manager will train the employee on all of our processes as well as nuances to the cleaning in your building.


Day One of service

Day one of service is typically a group undertaking. There are new hires to train, janitor closets to set up, and a new building to learn and clean. When we start up new buildings, we get as many feet on the ground as we can to learn the new building. This helps us learn a building faster, and have backups for coverage if needed in the future. 

Day one, and truly the whole first week are a learning process for our team as we learn the ins and outs of your facility. There may be some growing pains to start as we learn your building and preferred methods of communication. 


Start-up is Easier with Summit Building Services

While switching out cleaning companies can be a stressful time, it’s almost always for the best. Cleaning requires trust, communication, and good faith on both ends, and when that trust is broken the relationship will go downhill quickly. We work to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with each of our clients to deliver the best results. If you’re at the end of your rope with your current cleaning crew, or just interested in what we have to offer, give us a call or schedule a building walkthrough to get started on a path to what will hopefully be a long and fruitful relationship.