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Summit customizes a service plan for each facility, and and continuously builds value with proactive KPIs for success!


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We offer a selection of services to cater to every facilities needs. 


Don't underestimate the spread of pathogens and harmful bacteria. Our disinfection program focuses on cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic touchpoints within your facility. We can minimize the potential spread of infectious diseases and viruses by cleaning and disinfecting these touchpoints. See how disinfection and commercial cleaning can keep your facility healthy.

Disinfection Services (1)



Our office cleaning services include trash removal, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, restroom care, dusting, and glass cleaning. We create a comprehensive plan to meet the needs of your distinct facility. Check out our commercial office cleaning checklist for some examples of what we can do for your facility.



Your carpet acts as an additional air filter for your building and keeping it clean is an important part of overall facility health. Cleaning carpet regularly is crucial to maintaining good indoor air quality. Summit can create a carpet cleaning and maintenance plan for your distinct facility based on the environmental factors that cause dirt and debris accumulation.

Maintaining your carpet can dramatically extend its lifespan. With daily vacuuming, spot cleaning, and yearly deep cleans, carpet can look like new for longer. 

Carpet Cleaning


Are your restrooms clean? Well stocked? If you notice they aren't, so do clients and employees. Daily top-down restroom cleaning is a must for every facility. We offer a six-step process to ensure the cleanest restroom possible.

Deep staining and build-up can often require a deep clean, and Summit can help. Floor scrubbing and grout line cleaning are two excellent ways to help make a restroom shine.

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Dull and dirty floors say a lot about a building. Shining and smooth floors say a lot more! By maintaining a comprehensive floor cleaning schedule, you can wow clients and employees with a well-cared-for floor. 


By offering a multitude of floor cleaning services, including specialized work, we can keep your floors looking brand new. Whatever your floor needs, Summit is here to help.

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We offer interior and exterior window cleaning services to keep your windows crystal clear. With a quick and easy four-step process, our cleaners make sure windows stay smudge-free and shining. 

We take pride in our exceptional in-and-out cleaning services. Keeping windows streak free doesn't have to be a hassle.

Window Cleaning


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