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Grocery Store Cleaning Checklist

Grocery Store Cleaning Checklist


Research shows that you need to offer your patrons the best experience possible every time they enter your store to be successful. Your store delivers an essential service for your shoppers and your community. Ensuring that your store remains clean, safe, and welcoming for your shoppers is vital to gaining the trust of your patrons and keeping them coming back time and time again. 


Customers expectations are only getting higher and higher, and they have a multitude of outlets to complain if things don't look right. Creating the best shopping experience is your job, maintaining clean facilities is ours. Let us help you share the load so you can get down to brass tacks of running your store. 


As a janitorial services company, we take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning and staffing. We are experts who deliver the critical cleaning services your building needs. At Summit Building Services, we work with each client to create a cleaning plan that makes sense for their store and budget. These six following cleaning services are those that we find are in nearly all of our grocery store cleaning plans, and there's one extra at the end just for you. 


6 Must-Have Cleaning Services for Grocery Stores


1. Floor Cleaning


From the entrance walk-off mats to the floors in your deli and bakery section, your floors are  Keeping up with floor cleaning on a daily basis removes dirt, food debris, gum, and food spills from the previous day. 


It's extra important for grocery stores that your cleaning service is regularly cleaning under food displays, particularly in the fresh produce section. Here food is often dropped and falls under the display, where it can be easily missed and begin to rot. 


For larger stores, and particular flooring types, we use a variety of floor scrubbers that speed up the cleaning process and provide a more consistent clean every day. 



2. Trash Removal


Your store likely has a number of trash cans from the front entrance, all the way to the back receiving areas. Replacing can liners in trash cans around your store on a daily basis prevents lingering odors and pest issues in your facility. 


3. Restroom Cleaning


Of course, you know that restroom cleaning is an essential cleaning service, but oftentimes actually maintaining your store's restrooms at a high level slips between the cracks. Daily cleaning and sanitization will keep your restrooms from becoming a detriment to your store. Your customer-facing restrooms aren't the only ones you need to keep clean. Restroom cleanliness can also affect your employee's job satisfaction and retention rates. 


We’ve done deeper dives into restroom cleaning services and why Clean Restrooms are deal-breakers in other posts. Those posts take a look at studies that have shown that the state of a business's restrooms actually has an effect on customer satisfaction, retention, and the word-of-mouth reputation of your store. 


4. Dusting


While regular dusting that we do in offices or other similar buildings doesn't generally apply to grocery stores, there are more than a few areas that need regular dusting. Keeping shelving and food displays clean and dust-free will improve the overall appearance and safety of the display. Dusting is critical in several areas around your store like rooms with low ceilings, food prep stations, and restrooms. Minimizing dust in your store prevents cross-contamination with food and helps customers who are sensitive or allergic to dust. 


5. Window Cleaning


Depending on the layout and design of your store, your window cleaning needs may vary. If your store has a large windowed store-front you may need window cleaning services to keep your windows clear and shining. We offer the window cleaning services you'll need whether or not you just need daily touch-ups to remove smudges and handprints, or full window cleaning to clean off excessive dirt and other grime.  


6. Surface Disinfection


Surface cleaning is more important now than ever as flu season returns and covid-19 lingers. Surface cleaning and disinfection on high-traffic touchpoints around your store go a long way to mitigating risks to your shoppers and employees. 


Surface cleaning and disinfection involves a quick 2 step process that removes germs and kills viruses on high-touch surfaces. First, the cleaner wipes down the surface to remove any dirt, grime, or build-up. Then they'll follow up with a disinfecting spray to neutralize potentially harmful bacteria. The disinfectant is then allowed to air dry. 


Extra: Lunchroom Cleaning


This won't make an explicit difference for your customers, but will certainly help your staff feel more comfortable in their store. The lunchroom is where employees take breaks, eat food, and generally relax. Keeping this area clean and comfortable will give your team a space to unwind and reset, ready to take on the rest of their day.


Lunchroom cleaning should be done every day or every day of service. We wrote a more in-depth post outlining a typical lunchroom cleaning checklist. The key objective of lunchroom cleaning is to eliminate and avoid pervasive odors that make the room uncomfortable. Whether your kitchen/lunchroom is just a microwave and a table or a much larger area, this cleaning checklist covers all the basics you'll need to keep that area fresh. 


Let Summit Help Your Store


Grocery stores are essential to nearly everyone's lifestyle and livelihood. At the same time, there are often several competitors in close vicinity. Your job is to create a unique shopping experience that beats out the competitors, a clean store is just the baseline for your efforts. 


Summit Building Services is ready to be your one-stop-shop for commercial cleaning and janitorial services. In addition to the cleaning services we’ve listed above, we can also handle your next floor refinishing or window cleaning project. Are you ready to get started with a professional, local cleaning team that puts your needs first? Schedule a building walkthrough to get your free quote and moving toward cleaner, greener, and healthier grocery stores. 

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