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How We're Utilizing Tech to Improve Cleaning Services

How We're Utilizing Tech to Improve Cleaning Services

Incorporating Tech to Improve Cleaning Standards

New and improving technologies have had drastic impacts on business, communication, and entertainment, to name a few. Cleaning from Summit Building Services is no different. We’re incorporating technology into all facets of our operations to help us improve the consistency of our cleaning and provide better customer service.

We use a variety of technologies across our operations that help us uphold cleaning standards, manage employees, and deliver prompt customer service. Eliminating confusion among our team and clear communication with our customers are just a couple of ways we're using tech to improve our process and deliver comprehensive cleaning.


How is Tech Helping Us Provide More Consistent Cleaning Cleaning

Summit uses modern, industry-leading technology in many of the buildings we service. We have implemented CRI (Carpet and Rug Institution) Certified vacuums in every building we service. These vacuums feature HEPA filters that help us deliver better and more consistent carpet cleaning. We use several carpet deep cleaning and spot stain removing machines that allow us to clean large carpeted areas in a reasonable amount of time.

We also are implementing machine scrubbers in buildings with large amounts of hard surface flooring. These scrubbers help us save time and money and provide a consistent baseline for floor cleaning. These scrubbers help us remove some of the human error elements involved in cleaning large sections of a building. 

Our disinfection services have also seen a vast improvement with new machine spraying technology. We now use the Clorox 360 and other misting sprayers to help us meet the increasing demand for disinfection services. 


Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance inspectors use a mobile app to perform monthly comprehensive building inspections. These inspections address all areas specified in your cleaning service contract act as a preventative measure against deficiencies. Our inspector takes notes and grades the cleaning performance in specific areas and for your building as a whole. These are shared with our managers, who address deficiencies with the cleaning staff.

This system allows us to quickly and efficiently deal with cleaning deficiencies in your facility before they become an issue for you. 



Within the same app that we do inspections, our managers can also track all of their employees' hours. Our managers use this app to understand their worker's cleaning schedules and when to perform employee evaluations. Our managers receive alerts if an employee hasn’t clocked into a building by a specified time. This warning helps us stay ahead of no calls, no shows, and affords us precious time to reach out to the cleaner or find an alternative cleaner for the shift. Avoiding potential gaps in cleaning and assuring consistency is another way we’re using tech to improve our services. 


Customer Service

We are available to our customers 24/7. Whether by phone or email, we make it our priority to help our customers promptly, whenever they may need us. We want to know when there are issues with our service so we can make amends as quickly as possible. Being able to stay up-to-date with our customer's wants and needs is helping us deliver better services for them and helping us hone our craft for future customers.

For incoming and prospective customers, we designed our website to deliver positive and informative user experiences for prospective buyers. We want to interact with our customers in a way that is most comfortable for them. Whether by phone, email, zoom, or organizing an in-person building walk-through, we are using tech to deliver a more personalized customer experience.


Summit is Working to Improve our Service Offerings

Integrating game-changing technology into our process has helped us sustain growth and deliver consistent cleaning for over 100+ buildings throughout Ohio. Utilizing this tech has helped us save time, mitigate operational stress, and proactively manage our team. Every change we make aims at the result of better cleaning and lower prices for our customers.